Sea View Condo

Time:2019-08-07 09:37 Sourse:缅甸南亚未来集团

Sea View Condo project is located on the seaside road of Danlao City, Delindayi Province, Myanmar. It is jointly developed by Singapore South Asia Future Investment Group, Myanmar Yangtze River International Group and Myanmar PPT Group.
       Sea View Condo is enclosed with an area of 11.8 acres and a building area of 314001 square meters. It consists of 12 high-rise residential buildings and commercial pedestrian streets. Two of them are 22 floors, two are 28 floors, eight are 32 floors, and the business is the bottom three floors. At the same time, they are equipped with seaside parks, community swimming pools, activity squares, small football fields, and large seaside parks.
       Sea View Condo is the first high-rise project outside Yangon City and the first comprehensive real estate development project in Myanmar, which integrates high-rise residential buildings, commercial pedestrian streets and seaside parks.